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Nov 19th, 2023 at 15:14   Deep Tissue Massage   Cheltenham   22 views Reference: 1078

Location: Cheltenham

Price: £50

Looking for a sublime rub-down that'll ease those gnarly knots and pesky aches? Well, look no further! Yours truly, a dapper gent of the massage world, is here to sweep you off your feet with some top-notch muscle-melting magic.

As a chum who's well-versed in the art of deep tissue and sports massage, I'm here to sort you out – whether you've been hitting the gym hard, or your muscles are simply crying out for a bit of TLC. And for the workaholics, how about a spiffy fully clothed seated massage? Yes, indeed – complete with the wonders of a shiatsu and percussion machine that'll give your back, neck, and shoulders the royal treatment. Sounds peachy, doesn't it?

Now, let's talk credentials. I've been ITEC certified since 2017 and, as an added bonus, I'm fully insured – so you can lie back, relax, and let all worries about the nitty-gritty fade away.

Tucked away in a quiet spot, my den is rather cosy, if I do say so myself – complete with shower facilities for that refreshing post-massage rinse. Fancy a visit? I'm at your service from 10am to 6pm, every single day of the week.

Now, let's talk brass tacks:

- 30 minutes of bliss for just £25
- 60 minutes to nirvana for a mere £50
- 90 minutes of pure indulgence for only £75

So, if you've been on the hunt for a top-notch ‘massage near me', look no further. Whether it's a Thai massage to transport you to the streets of Bangkok, or a Swedish massage to leave you feeling as serene as the fjords, I'm your chap.

Remember, this is a strictly non-sexual service, chums. It's all about the art of expert kneading and soothing those hard-working muscles. Now, let's get you booked in, shall we? A world of relaxation awaits!

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