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Location: Bury

Price: £35

Looking for a sublime slice of relaxation? Nestled in the heart of Radcliffe near Bury, Manchester, Utopia Thai Massage is your perfect retreat for a spot of pampering. We've been serving blissful moments and unwinding knots for over 9 years, and it's time you drop by for your slice of serenity!

Our very own My's Magic Hands are the talk of the town when it comes to Thai massage, and we can't wait to share our touch of zen with you! Whether you're after a vigorous rejuvenation or a gentle lull into tranquillity, we've got your back... quite literally!

Let the world outside fade away as you enter our oasis – two traditional Thai massage havens, each a sanctuary of calm. Think: plush spaces that echo with delicate music and the whispering fragrance of incense, underscored by the warm glow of mood lighting. It's not just a massage; it's an immersive experience!

Where's this hidden gem, you ask? Utopia Thai Massage is just a stone's throw from the buzz of Radcliffe, near the cosy corners of Bury in North Manchester. Zip by car with the greatest ease, thanks to our fabulous transport links and the joy of free parking, both out front and behind. Even if you're hopping off public transport, we're a breeze to reach.

Our Menu of Bliss:

- Traditional Thai Massage that speaks the language of your muscles
- Foot Massage to tiptoe you into relaxation
- Head or Back Massage that'll have you floating on clouds
- Full Body indulgence from tip to toe
- 4 Hand Whole Body Massage – because two hands are great, but four are divine
- Couples Massage, because shared zen is doubled delight
- A choice to soothe or dip into the depths with our Deep Tissue massage prowess

The Tantalising Tariffs:

- £20 for a tranquil 30 minutes
- £35 for a full hour of pure pleasure
- £55 to luxuriate in a 60-minute, four-handed extravaganza

For the eager beavers, booking ahead guarantees your slice of paradise, though we do cater to spontaneous spirits during our quieter moments.

Eager to book your escape? Give us a call or drop us a text!

Now, let's keep things strictly professional, shall we? This is your friendly reminder that our offerings are purely for relaxation. This is not a sexual service, and we intend to keep it that way - any such inquiries will be promptly shown the door. So let's keep it classy and focused on the power of therapeutic touch, shall we? Cheers to respecting the art of massage!


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